Types of Pitbulls And Fleas of dogs


1. Weigh your dog. This method can only be completely accurate in adult dogs. For younger dogs, you should be able to predict future weight accurately. American pit bull terriers usually weigh between 16-29.5 kg. American Staffordshire terrier typically weigh 28-40 kilograms, whereas Staffordshire bull terrier weighing 11-15.4 kg.

2. Look at your dog’s stature. American pit bull terrier has a head and a proportionate body. American Staffordshire terrier has a muscular physique and muscular, while the Staffordshire bull terrier had a visible head width.

3. Compare your dog with a pit bull pictures on the internet. Most pit bull has a variety of colors, so look for a pit bull that has the same color with your dog. If your dog looks like a mix of the two breeds, it is probably the result of a cross.

4. Bring your dog to the veterinarian to determine the age, gynecological and health. This is important because in addition to ensuring the health of your dog, also helps provide precise information about the type of dog put your bull.

How can a dog infested?
Dogs can easily be exposed to ticks when they are outdoors. Female louse can lay eggs every hour, which caused the number of ticks is increasing on a daily basis. ( read: http://welovepits.com/2016/05/10/kill-fleas-beasties-pit-bulls/ )

Fleas and ticks that live on dogs
Warm fuzz and owned a dog is a comfortable environment for fleas (flea) and ticks (tick). Both of these insects live by sucking the blood of the dog and can cause health problems ranging from allergies to serious problems such as tapeworm infections. Both of these insects usually occur in warm weather.



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